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TNB is about acknowledging the hard-work, dedication and sacrifices that Nigerian basketball athletes around the world have had to endure to ensure that they become positive role models for the next generation of athletes to come through. Although various groups of people make up the country Nigeria, one thing we all have in common is our dedication to succeed no matter the difficulties life may present to us, and ever since a young Nigerian set the stage in Houston back in the early 80’s, Nigerian basketball athletes have continued to grace the basketball world with their humility, self respect, and desire to achieve.

Our mission at TNB is to feature those that have worked extremely hard to put Nigerian basketball on the map, regardless of if you were born in Nigeria or abroad, we aim to do our best to feature the talent that is out there in the hope that the next generation can have someone they can look up to, and follow in their footsteps. .”To serve our fatherland, with love and strength and faith”….A short line from the Nigerian national anthem that exemplifies what we are about.

About the Editor – Rotimi Adѐ was born in London, England, but spent time living in Togo, Cameroon, Nigeria, Sweden and back to England. “The initial idea for TNB started when a bunch of older folks were having a discussion about Nigerian basketball, they would talk about old school guys like Yomi “Basket” Sangodeyi, the late Rotimi Alakija, Tunji Awojobi, Peter Aluma, the late Yinka Dare and much more. The time I spent growing up in Nigeria already made me aware of the legend that is Hakeem Olajuwon, but I was more intrigued by these other guys, where are they now ? how did they make it ? How was it back then? etc… all questions I’m still hoping to find the answer to in future“.

My passion for research prompted me to compile a list of Nigerian basketball players  for a Nigerian sports forum back in 2004, every year I compiled the list, every year the list grew bigger, from rising local stars like Olumide Oyedeji and Ejike Ugboaja, to the growing influx of Nigerian-Americans like Gabe Muoneke and Ime Udoka, it was getting clearer that we might have a sport that would rival our good ol’ country’s favorite football. When 2012 came around, and the Nigerian team gained qualification to the FIBA qualifying tournament in Venezuela, I thought it was probably time I used the degree I gained in Business & I.T. to good use (finally), I decided to create a blog that will cover the team in Venezuela, information was hard to come by, but the recent rise in social media aided my cause, the tournament was a huge success, and the Nigerian team qualified for the Olympic tournament, a memory I would never forget”.

Following our successful Olympic campaign, TNB has now moved from a blog to a website, and will continue to move towards a positive direction in the hope that future generations of Nigerian basketball athletes can have role models that they can look up to with experiences they can learn from….This website is my contribution to the past that sets the foundation, and the future that lives the dedication.

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TNB with one of the rising Nigerian stars in high-School basketball, top 50 player in America for 2014, Abdul-Malik Abu.