NCAA — 23 January 2013

For those that don’t already know about Victor Oladipo, where in the world have you been !!!, the 6’5 guard who is in his third year of D1 College basketball is having his best season yet with the Indiana basketball program, earning him various plaudits from analysts and coaches alike. Born in Maryland, US. to Nigerians parents, Oladipo’s rise in College basketball has been documented very well in these pages. We recently came across this very nice article by which talks about the dynamic relationship between Victor and the rest of his family, it further explores the difference in relations he has towards his mum and his dad. For most athletes raised abroad with African ethnicity, this is something one can relate to, and it’s just about understanding and finding the right balance in regards to the situation…

“I’m sure he’s seen me on TV; it’s kind of hard not to,” Victor said. “Our relationship has been like that for a while. Essentially it was just that he was so busy that we could never have that father and son relationship.

“My dad was always working two, three or four jobs. We just never had a chance to go out and play basketball or go out and go fishing or do things that kids do with their dads.

“And because of that I was with my mother and my sisters all of the time and that’s why I’m so close to them now.”

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