National Team Nigeria — 10 June 2013

Ben Uzoh will be joining the Nigerian camp for the second time.

The Nigerian Senior Men’s basketball team otherwise known as D’Tigers have regrouped ahead of their training program in preparation for the 2013 Afrobasket due to take place in Ivory Coast in August. In a press report released by the NBBF, the Coaching Staff have called on 15 players to participate in the second phase of the training program which will include a friendly tour of China at the Stankovich Continental Cup. The team is scheduled to be hosted in the two Chinese cities of Lanzhou and Guanzhou from 26th June-10th July before heading back to the U.S for the final phase of the program. Some players have been excused from the second phase to sort out various contractual issues and will join the rest team at the final training camp.

Ike Diogu and Olumide Oyedeji will captain the squad in China while former Nigerian Junior Internationals Solomon Alabi, Ehimen Orukpe and Ayodeji Egbeyemi will be making their debut for the Senior team. The team is headlined by former NBA guard Ben Uzoh, while there is also a place in the squad for Kingsley Oguchi who is the younger brother of Senior International Chamberlain, Big South Player of the Year Stan Okoye will also be looking to establish himself within the Nigerian camp.

“It’s an honor to be invited to play with the Nigerian team. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do. It means a lot to my family, and will definitely be a great experience, I look forward to an intense training camp and getting better over that period of time” – Stan Okoye stated to TNB.

TNB will continue to bring you the latest updates as the team gets ready for Ivory Coast.

Full List.

Kelechi Anuna – 6’4 – PG – Stade Nabeulein (Tunisia – D1)
Mike Ohiero – 6’3 – PG – Markmentors (Nigeria – DSTV Premier League)
Ben Uzoh – 6’3 – PG – Springfield Armor (NBA D-League)

Deji Egbeyemi – 6’4 – SG – Loyola Marymount (NCAA D1)
Kingsley Oguchi – 6’4 – SG – Texas Cyclones (UBA)
Richard Oruche – 6’3 – SG – Guaiqueries (Venezuela – LPB)
Abubakar Usman – 6’4 – SG – Kano Pillars (Nigeria DSTV Premier League)

Stanley Gumut – 6’6 – SF – Markmentors (Nigeria DSTV Premier League)
Stan Okoye – 6’6 – SF – Virginia Military Institute (NCAA D1)

Yahaya Abdul – 6’8 – PF – Markmentors (Nigerian DSTV Premier League)
Ike Diogu – 6’9 – PF – Ponce Leones (Puerto Rico – BSN)

Solomon Alabi – 7’1 – C – Ikaros (Greece – A1)
Nkem Ojougboh – 6’9 – C – Ebun Comets (Nigeria – DSTV Premier League)
Ehimen Orukpe – 7’0 – C – Wichita State (NCAA D1)
Olumide Oyedeji – 6’10 – C – Tochigi Brex (Japan – JBL)



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  1. Chei. This team will not win a championship Ooooooooo! I am very disappointed.

    • A couple of these new players will make the final team and help. I like the fact that they brought in Okoye, I think he has a bright future.

  2. What team be this? Make a good team abeg. This team will be the laughing stock of the African cup

  3. Chei. It finished for Nigeria with this rubbish of a team.

  4. This is the second phase, more players will join them in the third as not everyone is available, this is a chance for the Coaching Staff to evaluate what they have, and it is for the players to show what they can bring to the team.


    If Ejike Ugboaja say the things in the interveuw then it must a true about this coach Bakare because Ugboaja is an honest man and a great man for Nigeria. That Ugboaja He is not representing our great Nigeria must means that he is sure that this coach is not a profesional coach and not a good one. Thank you.

  6. Which kind of team be dis? dey should use d olympic squad including ben uzoh.hope he doesn’t select players like keshi

    • This is the initial squad, more players including members of the Olympic squad will join the camp on a later date, the final squad will probably be a blend of the two.

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