High School Media Videos — 28 February 2013


Check out this feature on 6’9 Power Forward Sean Obi who grew up in Kaduna, Northern Nigerian. Sean who was an aspiring basketball player at school in Kaduna, was given an opportunity at the age of 15 to go to America to develop his skills after he was introduced to oil trader Steve Eggers who was on a business trip to Nigeria. Sean lived with the Eggers family, and after some initial struggles, his hard-work on and off the court started to pay off, he became a standout athlete on the basketball court, and an excellent student in the classroom. His rapid development opened the door for others as the school which is very strict on academics now has a growing basketball program. What is most impressive about Sean is that despite the challenges he faced growing up in Nigeria, he still remains humble and has not forgotten about his roots…..“I try to make it big, use the opportunity I have here so that I can give back and (make a difference) to the kids life back home.”….Check out the whole feature here



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