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Every time Adeola Dagunduro stepped on the floor for the Nigerian team in the just concluded Olympic basketball qualifier, you could sense an air of composure, high level of intensity and increased focus within the team. That is just the kind of impact Dagunduro adds to the D’Tigers, and he would be looking to bring that part of his game to the London Olympics in two weeks time. The 6’5 former University of Nebraska standout has come a long way, he started off at Junior College with Antelope Valley Community College, before playing his last two years of College ball in Nebraska. Ade born in Inglewood California, is primarily known for his defensive intensity, but he is also good at attacking the rim and coming up big at crunch time.

Team Nigeria recently caught up with Ade for a short interview and a chance for Nigerians to get to know him better, enjoy !!!!!

Team Nigeria: Two of your brothers played American Football for Nebraska, how did you get in to basketball?

Ade: Well my brother’s and I played every sport possible for fun when we were kids my main sport is football, but I happen to be better at basketball so I luckily made the right decision to go with basketball.

Team Nigeria: You always make a hand gesture every time you made a play during the Olympic qualifiers, how did that come about?

Ade: After every made basket or a good opportunity on the court I use my hands to Glorify God (Jesus Christ) I am a deeply devout Christian so I try to give God all the Glory.

Team Nigeria: Whenever you stepped on the court in Venezuela, you brought a positive impact to the team, what drives you and how do you manage to stay focus?

Ade: I am definitely driven by my will to win and represent God in the right way on the court so that fuels me to bring energy whether it be starting or coming off the bench I try to bring positive energy I was able to do that this tournament.

Team Nigeria: Nigerian fans are getting to know your name and they like what you bring to the team, what message do you have for them back home?

Ade: Well first I would like them to know it is more than a privilege to play for Nigeria, despite not growing up in Nigeria I dreamed of one day playing and being able to represent where my blood lies. I also would hope they start paying more attention to basketball for sure soccer is number one and will always be and that’s great but I think the more fans we get the more the sport will grow in Nigeria.

Team Nigeria: You will be representing Nigerian in the London Olympics in a few weeks time, what will be the first thing on your mind when you step on the court?

Ade: The first thing that will step on my mind when representing Nigeria in this Olympic will definitely be a quicker Prayer. My emotions will be running so high I will need to settle down.

Team Nigeria: What is your favourite Nigerian food, and what was the last Nigerian food you ate?

Ade: I actually had Fufu last night made by my Mom, normally I love stew with rice, pounded yam , and plantain or dodo as my Father would call it. I like to eat gari in cereal form for breakfast and chin chin for snacks!

…Shouts out to Ade for doing the interview, and we wish him and the rest of the Nigerian squad the best of luck as they make history.


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